Meet the team who make us today!

We are dedicated to growing our position by engaging the talent and passion of youth who believe there is always a better way to deliver products, solutions, and services that produce tangible business results, trust and long-term relationship in a competitive African market. Re-inventing the wheel of funding for the company’s research we have opted to find other sources of funding thus includes our primary services(current services) which will provide employment for unemployed non-skilled people. 

Our Vision

To Colour The Whole Africa With Our Love.

To consistently deliver adequate, sufficient, reliable, cost-effective business solutions & innovative, understandable services through IT, Business & Environment Solutions for global market by creating a professionally stimulating and happy technical environment for our team where professionals & non-professionals thrive alongside the growth of the company.

Our vision is to become a company most valued for its people, partnership, and performance improving all aspects of our African continent(environment, social, and economic) in which we operate.

Our Mission

Easy. Fun. Reliable Tech Solutions.

Skillfully applying the most reliable technical support by eliminating the logical problems of our customers, to be a well known and reputable company, to enrich our experience in the technological field, to yield total solutions in the most critical business areas.

Our mission as an African owned business we want to dedicate ourselves to providing excellent tech-solutions to the SME’s and large African companies in a manner that generates fair and equitable returns to the African Economy.

Past Vision has been completed.

New Vision: Africa First.

We have one of the greatest environments in the whole world. Providing with creative opportunities for the youth to reinvent the rules of the world and create a better future for Africa.

Our Leadership

Collins Mabasa

Founder/Global CEO

Refilwe Mathobela

SA COO/Director

Ethan Hooper

 ZW COO/Director





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